Certification levels

Certified Business Process Analyst (CBPA)

This is the first level of certification of specialists in the field of business process management, which is designed for people who are new to the profession. It is designed to recognize professionals who have a broad base of skills and understanding, have some industry experience, but do not have the full four years of practical experience required for a second level Certified Business Process Specialist (CBPP).

This certification can be obtained by also having 1250 hours of documented practical experience in BPM.

CBPA Certificate – designed for a new BPM specialist. The goal for this certification is an intern who has completed (or is in the process of completing) his or her own undergraduate course or has worked in a business process management function for at least one year.

The exam demonstrates an understanding of the concepts of business process transformation through the disciplines covered in BPM-CBOK.

CBPA certification allows people who are starting their own careers in the profession to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts, approaches, techniques and technologies needed to succeed in BPM.

CBPA certification is more than academic certification or a certificate of instruction. It is designed to independently verify that the person holding the certificate has a sufficient level of basic competence in the field of business process management and has in fact applied these concepts in practical experience.

Certified Business Process Manager (CBPP)

This certification can be obtained with at least 4 years of experience in process management, process improvement and transformation. You must have documented experience, qualifications and recommendations.

This second level of certification, which is designed for people with BPM experience and practice and is another level of knowledge that can lead to a Certified Business Process Leadership (CBPL).

Certified Business Process Management Leadership (CBPL)

This is the highest professional ABPMP certification. CBPL is unique in an ever-changing market. This BPM certification was developed by renowned BPM Executive Level professionals to test the level of skill and competence in various areas of business transformation.

The certification is designed to test the skills of a specialist in all areas of BPM and includes questions about all phases of the life cycle of business transformation, as well as issues related to the implementation of the strategy and the use of BPM technologies.

CBPL is designed to meet the certification of international standards. As the certification level of CBPA analysts handles and certifies the CBPP architect level, it is fast becoming an internationally recognized standard for BPM professionals.

Initially, this certification will be offered to ABPMP branch management worldwide, representing the largest qualified contingent of BPM professionals to date.

CBPL Certification is currently in production and will be available soon.

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