How to join?

ABPMP Ukraine is part of the international community of business process management (BPM) professionals dedicated to BPM knowledge, practice and continuing education.

As a member of the Association, you will be able to:

  • Participate in all activities of the Association (master classes, conferences, discussion clubs, etc.) free of charge.
  • Participate in the events of the Association’s partner companies on preferential terms or free of charge.
  • Participate in projects carried out by the Association, including commercial ones.
  • Share knowledge and experience with leading BPM professionals. 
  • Influence the development of BPM in Ukraine.

ABPMP Ukraine brings together BPM professionals. To join the Association it is needed that:

  • Your professional activity is related to process management.
  • You have shared and adhered to the Code of Professional Conduct.
  • You are ready to contribute to the development of BPM methodology and practice, popularization of process management in Ukraine.


The Association reserves the right to refuse membership to those persons who do not meet the membership criteria specified in the Association’s charter.

To join the Association, fill out the application form for participation. We will review it and contact you to discuss the next steps.