Code of Ethics

All ABPMP members must read and agree to the ABPMP Code of Ethics.

As a professional in business process management, I recognize:

  • Commitment to society. I will participate to the best of my ability in disseminating knowledge about process management. I maintain the confidentiality of the information entrusted to me and do not use confidential information in my personal interests.
  • Commitments to your employer/clients. I will strive to fulfill these obligations to the best of my ability, protect the interests of my employer/clients, and make informed and honest advice. I will share business process management practices using all the resources available to me.
  • Commitment to my colleagues and the professional community. I will uphold the high ABPMP standards set out in the Association’s Charter.

I accept these obligations as a personal responsibility and as a member of this Association. I shall actively discharge these obligations and I dedicate myself to that end.

Standards of Conduct:

These standards expand on the Code of Ethics by providing specific statements of behaviour in support of the Code of Ethics. They are not objectives to be strived for; they are rules that no true professional will violate.

In recognition of professional obligations every member of ABPMP will:

  • avoid conflicts of interest and make known any potential conflicts
    Protect the privacy and confidentiality of all information entrusted to him;

  • accept full responsibility for work that he performs;

  • to the best of his ability, ensure that the products of his work are used in a socially responsible way;

  • support, respect, and abide by the appropriate local, national, and international laws;

  • make every effort to ensure that he has the most current knowledge and that the proper expertise is available when needed;

  • share his knowledge with others and present factual and objective information to the best of my ability;

  • be fair, honest, and objective in all professional relationships;

  • cooperate with others in achieving understanding and in identifying problems;

  • to protect the proper interests of his employer and his clients at all times;

  • take appropriate action in regard to any illegal or unethical practices that come to his attention – He must bring charges against any person only when he has a reasonable basis for believing in the truth of the allegations and without any regard to personal interest;

  • never use knowledge of a confidential or personal nature in any unauthorized manner or to achieve personal gain;

  • never misrepresent or withhold information that is germane to a problem or situation of public concern; nor will he allow any such known information to remain unchallenged;

  • not take advantage of the lack of knowledge or inexperience on the part of others;

  • not use or take credit for the work of others without specific acknowledgement and authorization;

  • not misuse authority entrusted to him;

  • acknowledge that he has read, understand, and will uphold these professional ethics and standards of conduct.

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